C&T Elmech SP. Z O.O.

We are company with almost 30 years of experience. Since 1987 we have been designing and manufacturing electronics and power electronics for following markets: Marine, Industry, Energy and the Army. We have developed a lots of innovative constructions for guaranteed supply, energy conversion, improving power quality,  batteries supervision charging and management.

For many years we cooperate with design offices and manufacturing facilities to create products for the military and the Polish navy. Products, that we are proud to present, excellent suited for a wide variety of operating conditions, which is also confirmed by recommendations.



Our devices are designed to improve the quality parameters of energy – eliminating harmonic current and voltage, power factor correction, elimination of dips and bends switching and voltage regulation, load unbalance compensation.

These devices are used in industrial plants, public buildings, office buildings to compensate for the load single- and triple-phase.



C&T Elmech focuses on innovative and flexible approach to the customer. We focus on accurate diagnosis of the problem and to propose a technical solution. We use developed by us, unique on an international scale, technology and equipment.

We develop existing products, introduce new solutions and optimize the work of our products.



Numerous letters of reference and recommendations demonstrate our commitment in the implementation of tasks. We offer a wide range of professional knowledge and experience in AC and DC guaranteed power supply systems and improve power quality.