FPS voltage inverters


Guaranteed power supply inverters are designed for uninterruptible supply of critical equipment in the industry and energy sector, operating in UPS or driving applications which, for technological reasons, require continuity of power supplies. They have high stability and low distortion of the output voltage, and due to that they may also be used as the separator systems of the critical load of mains. They operate through the circuit substation battery voltage of 110VDC and 220VDC or can constitute completely independent units with their own input rectifiers and battery packs. There is a possibility to create it for other DC voltage types than those indicated in the table.


inverter s are power and electronics devices made with the MOSFET transistor technique, transforming direct voltage to the sinusoidal voltage variables with values in the range of 100 – 240V and frequency of 50/60Hz. They work with single-phase receivers that require a reliable and uninterruptible power supply with stabilized parameters.

They have built-in DC/DC converter providing galvanic isolation between the input voltage source and its output. Due to the option of parallel operation it is possible to connect outputs of several inverters to increase power or build of systems operating in redundancy. Depending on their versions, inverters may be equipped with a built-in bypass that constantly switch receivers’ power supply circuit in case of loss of voltage, overload, short-circuit or damage of the inverter. They also cooperate with external contactless STS switches.


  • high reliability
  • sinusoidal output voltage for synchronous AC net
  • negligible content of higher harmonics of the output voltage
  • high stability of output voltage frequency
  • galvanic separation of circuits AC and DC
  • resistance to overload and short-circuit
  • indication of work progress (power supply to the loads / failure, work with battery / work with the bypass circuit) and registration of alarms.