Xillar® system

It is intended for management of small and large parks of batteries. It enables registration of battery charging registration processes, analysis of its technical condition and identification and allows you to assign specific procedures for loading and handling of the battery. It is used for operation and cyclic charging batteries in logistics centers, transport bases, batteries, air and special purpose. It is also used for operating and charging the battery: classic, AGM, gel, alkaline and lithium-ion batteries. These may be the batteries in monoblocks and multiblocks with voltage 12V, 24V, 36V, 110V, 220V, 360V and others and charging current to 2500A. You may use it to implement complex, multi-step procedures for charging, maintenance, recovery and discharge the battery with the return of electricity to the grid. The system allows the construction of multi-solutions, for simultaneously charging multiple battery. It is fully computerized, battery maintenance procedures are carried out fully automatically and supervising the work of the system can perform locally or remotely.

Additionally, the system gives you the ability to enter at any time to the memory of the new procedures, characteristics consistent with the intended use new batteries. The system consists of rectifier modules designed to hold the battery and inverter modules for controlling battery discharge from passing power to the grid for determining the actual battery capacity, and therefore, assess its suitability for further use.

Rectifier modules and inverters are made on the basis of the transistor inverter impulse and have a very good dynamic properties and high performance work in particular with regard to:

  • high stability of output voltage and current
  • low ripple output voltage and current
  • small dimensions and low weight.