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DYNAMIX active filters, 35-200 KVA/kvar

A DYNAMIX active filter protects your power network against the damaging impact of higher harmonics, provides follow-up compensation of reactive power, stabilises voltage in the network and reduces current unbalance. It is installed in the main switchgear, downstream of the transformer, so that all negative issues are eliminated at once. It can also be installed next to critical high power receivers generating higher harmonics, so that the issue is eliminated at the filter.


  • Rated power: 35-200 kVA
  • Follow-up compensation of reactive power
  • Filtration of higher harmonics (up to 50)
  • Symmetrical phase loading
  • Voltage stabilisation
  • Scalability
  • Operator's touch-panel
  • Low voltage networks (400 V, 480 V, 690 V)
  • 50/60 HZ frequency
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