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DC and AC UPS systems

The aim of a UPS is to maintain power supply to receivers in case of a power supply interruption or its incorrect parameters. It comprises a power supply / rectifier and batteries (UPS DC), as well as an inverter and an STS (UPS AC).



  • Auxiliary power supply in substations
  • Supply of safety systems, emergency lighting
  • Supply of control and industrial automation equipment
  • Supply of communication equipment
  • Supply of the signalling system circuits


Characteristic features

  • Modular design
  • Installation in a 19” system cabinets
  • Possible free configuration of the switchgear
  • Single- and double-selective switchgear
  • Outgoing fields protection:
  • TYTAN switch disconnectors
  • Automatic system switches
  • Use of VRLA batteries requiring limited maintenance
  • Battery circuit protection
  • Interoperation with master control systems
  • Measurement of the switchgear buses voltage – analogue voltmeter
  • Measurement of current in the battery circuit – analogue ammeter
  • Alarm signalling: LED signalling, two alarm relays
  • Possibility of using all modules of the Evolution system
  • Possibility of using an automatic ATAS fallback power start system
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