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FPP airport frequency converters

Devices allowing you to build isolated and stable power networks with a frequency of 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz, 500 Hz and with any voltage. They can supply aircraft onboard power networks, special purpose equipment used in civilian aviation. They supply power networks on Navy vessels and special purpose equipment used by the Navy.


Functional features

  • Liquid crystal control panel, which continuously shows current, voltage and frequency output of the converter. In case of an alarm it provides details on the failure type
  • 4-button keyboard for setting and reviewing operating parameters
  • USB port for communication with a PC, RS 485 port for communication with the master system
  • Event recorder for recording alarms
  • Automatic voltage drop adjustment in wires
  • ATAS system
  • AC and DC multi-voltage solution
  • Installation of switch bays
  • Possible installation of the control panel in the cabinet
  • LCD display placed on the converter door
  • NC/NO alarm relay on the device terminal strip
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