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FPP M quayside and onboard frequency converters

Frequency converters are designed to supply receivers with different voltage and frequency parameters than the main power network. They are used in the power infrastructure of ports, airports, military and offshore installations. Two-way energy flow and power flow adjustment are also possible. They are made using the state-of-the-art IGBT technology. They are characterized by high stability of output voltage, low interference, resistance to overload. Their other features include: resistance to external interference and changes in power supply parameters, protection against short circuits, too low and too high voltage, galvanic isolation of the output circuit from the power circuit, automatic operation, fully maintenance-free operation, high efficiency and Power Factor close to 1.


Our equipment is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Ship Classification Societies.




  • Power supply of receivers with a frequency of: 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz, 500 Hz
  • Power supply of military and civilian aircraft on-board power networks
  • Supply of a special voltages power network of port, airport and offshore facilities infrastructure


Standard equipment


  • Liquid crystal control panel, which continuously shows current, voltage and frequency output of the converter, and in case of an alarm it provides details on the failure type
  • 4-button keyboard for setting and reviewing operating parameters


Optional equipment


  • Event recorder for recording alarms
  • Automatic voltage drop adjustment in wires
  • AC and DC multi-voltage solution
  • Installation of switch bays
  • Cable hanger
  • Possible installation of the control panel in the cabinet or in an outside panel
  • Possible control from the display and buttons outside the device




  • LCD display placed on the converter door
  • NC/NO relay on the device terminal strip
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