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XINUS H hybrid filters

A XINUS H hybrid filter is a combination of a XINUS D3 active filter and a premium XINUS BK capacitor bank or XINUS BD shunt reactors.


XINUS H may also establish a hybrid system with passive compensation systems present in the network. A hybrid filter, just like an active filter, protects your power network and the receivers against the damaging impact of higher harmonics, provides follow-up compensation of reactive power, stabilises voltage in the network and reduces current unbalance. Thanks to efficient compensation it can reduce active power losses, thus increasing the company’s energy efficiency. It ideally suits large industrial installations with limited rate of load changes.


  • Combination of an active filter and a premium capacitor bank or shunt reactors
  • Functionality of an active filter with investment costs cut by as much as 50%
  • 7” operator's touch-panel
  • Operation in low voltage and medium voltage networks
  • Possible use of existing capacitor bank and shunt reactors