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ZP buffer power supplies

A new line of state-of-the-art DC power supplies characterised by high unit power in relation to their dimensions and by more convenient access to electrical terminals accessible from the front.


They are designed to operate in guaranteed power supply systems, for direct supply of receivers and buffer battery charging.


Functional features

  • Set or automatic compensation of a DC cable line voltage drop
  • Monitoring of the battery circuit continuity and the battery charging current threshold (required battery current sensor directly supported by the power supply)
  • Load monitoring used to determine the condition of the batteries
  • Compensation of the battery charge voltage depending on the battery ambient temperature (required temperature sensor directly supported by the power supply)
  • Power supplies are equipped with two alarm relays, one of which can be assigned to a selected alarm and the other one is a cumulative alarm
  • Power supplies generate around 20 alarms related to AC supply, DC output voltage, the states of the power supply and the states resulting from errors and failures in the DC switchgear circuits
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